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Pretty Gorgeous Miss India in Saree Photoshoot

Pretty Gorgeous Miss India in Saree Photoshoot

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bra Unhooks When You Clap Hands

A US Engineer Randy Sarafan has invented a Bra Clasp that Comes Off when you Clap Your Hands.
Randy Sarafan’s Device could be the Answer to millions of Men and Women’s Problems who struggle with unhooking Bra Clasps.

The concept of an underwire bra or  brassiere can be traced to an 1893 patent that describes a breast supporting device using a rigid plate under the breasts for stability.

The modern underwire bra was designed in the 1930s, and gained widespread popularity by the 1950s.

There are some problems with Modern Bra like unhooking Bra Clasps.

A US Engineer Randy Sarafan has invented a Bra Clasp that Comes Off when you Clap Your Hands.

Randy Sarafan’s Device could be the Answer to millions of Men and Women’s Problems who struggle with unhooking Bra Clasps.

The device would consign to history the dreaded clasp fumbling that often happens in the throes of passion.

Sarafan was inspired to make the clap-off bra after reading about wacky electronic undergarments sold in Syria, such as musical knickers.

“Those of us in Western cultures have a thing or two to learn from the Syrians about gaudy electronic lingerie.

 Henceforth, it became my mission to fast-forward lingerie technology in the West,”

The Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.


The Hottest Things a Lady Can Wear

The female body comes in many shapes and sizes, some (like a medium-sized hourglass) are generally pleasing to a man and others (like a large eggplant) aren’t.
But have you ever noticed a woman who has a natural affinity for knowing how to dress sexy?
It gives her attractiveness and femininity a serious edge. And then sometimes there are girls who will don an unconventional outfit or piece of clothing that makes them look incredible even if they don’t realize it.

Here are some things we love to see women wearing (besides nothing at all, of course).
What are some of your favorite outfits on the ladies?
1. Collared Button-Down Shirts
Whether it’s collared button-down shirts, mesh shorts or a full-on lumberjack outfit (sans beard, thank you very much), you look hot in our clothing. Just leave the banana hammocks to us. Actually, no…no one should ever wear a banana hammock.
2. Yoga Pants
Soft, form-fitting and allowing a full range of motion and flexibility, yoga pants are the ultimate pants when it comes to covering up every inch of leg flesh and still being fun to look at. Even if you don’t do yoga, you can feel free to wear these around us any old time.
3. Suspenders And Overalls
There’s just something about these…and so God help me, I don’t quite know what that is. Maybe it’s the fact that overalls and suspenders unhook so easily? Maybe it’s because they accentuate the bust? Whatever it is, me-likee.
4. Braless (T-Shirts)
Free-boobing it is wonderful thing, but it should be used sparingly. Do you know what happens when women start forgoing their over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder at all times? Let me enlighten you:-People get boob-slapped in the face-When the boobs aren’t busy being unleashed they’re sagging at an accelerated rate-Her new status as a free-boober automatically makes her associated with the likes of a bra-burning hippieSo, while we do enjoy it, let’s keep this one under wraps and only bust it out for special occasions.
5. Mini-Skirts – Shorts
Mini-skirts are definitely attention grabbers. But since men are visual beasts, don’t wear one of these unless you want to turn some heads. Because like the Amish, we hope you’ll turn the other cheek too.
6. Non-Sense Fitting Clothes
Save for a lady with a distinct muffin top and absolutely no sense of her waist size, outfits that are just a smidge too tight can look pretty hot on a girl. Same goes for baggy clothes, because it adds a layer of mystery to what’s going on inside.
7. The Hand-Bra

Before I talk about hand bras, I need to make sure you know that the person in the above photo is a man. Okay, moving on…
Hand-bras are great. I think they’re better than underboob, sideboob, topboob, and tripleboob (the only documented case of this was in Total Recall, so don’t get your hopes up) combined. And bonus points if the surface area of her hands just don’t cover it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Optical-illusion Dresses

That women will stop at nothing to artificially achieve the perfect silhouette is not breaking news. 
How they do it, however, is ever-changing. In the past, undergarments did the bulk of the work, from whale-bone corsets to Real Housewives–designed faux Spanx.  
Women’s waists have been nipped, tucked, and cinched underneath their clothes in every which way.  
But now, thanks to a slew of optical-illusion dresses hitting red carpets and runways, the dresses are drawing the curves.
These Optical-Illusion Dresses by Stella McCartney, Hervé Léger, Victoria Beckham and others make Curves More and More Dangerous!

1. Kate Winslet
At the Venice Film Festival in early September, Kate Winslet pulled off a seemingly antithetical miracle: Wearing a clever skintight shift dress from Stella McCartney’s fall 2011 collection, the Oscar-winning actress appeared to be curvier and thinner. The secret to Winslet’s dress was ingenious color blocking—black side panels gave her a high, tiny waist that, when added to the white panel around her bust, gave her an hourglass figure that’d turn Jessica Rabbit green with envy.

2. Gloria Estefan
Winslet’s not the only one to have discovered McCartney’s magic: LaLa Vazquez sported the same shift dress on Live With Regis and Kelly this month, and X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger wore it on the cover of August’s InStyleUK. (Even Gloria Estefan, left, chose it for an interview on Extra, but the loose fit hindered its considerable slimming powers.)

3. Penelope Cruz
This summer, Penélope Cruz walked the Croisette at Cannes in a blue velvet version of the optical-illusion dress.

4. Louise Redknapp
The same one worn by British television host Louise Redknapp at the GQ Awards in London this month.

5. Liv Tyler
While Liv Tyler accentuated her curves in yet another McCartney dress in June, this time in blue.

6. Kim Kardashian
Of course, McCartney’s not the only one putting the “op waist” to work. Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian was hypnotic in a black-and-white moiré-print dress by Alexander McQueen.

7. Victoria Beckham
The same one Victoria Beckham wore in 2009. The illusion had a remarkable duality, making Beckham look voluptuous and turning Kardashian’s figure positively lithe.

8. Bill Blass
It’s too good a trend—and too far-reaching—to burn out. Two weeks ago, at New York Fashion Week, Jeffrey Monteiro offered a black-and-white dress with ascending polka dots at Bill Blass; its tiny white halter top diminished the bust while accentuating the waist.

9. Herve Leger
Meanwhile, at Hervé Léger, Max Azria ran a fishbone pattern down the center of a sheath dress to give an hourglass illusion on top of the slimming black side panels.

10. Victoria Beckham
And not surprisingly, Victoria Beckham’s fall collection also played with scale. Instead of using the traditional power of black to shave inches off a silhouette, Beckham used white side panels on a dress to make its skirt appear extra mini. So the bigger the trend…the smaller the waist?

Read more: http://mryogi.quazen.com/shopping/optical-illusion-dresses/#ixzz1axCNod8B